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The War With the United States, British America, Ontario High School History of Canada, Ontario Public School History of Canada


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Annals of the War [partial], Brock Centenary, Ontario Public School History of Canada [partial], The War With the United States, more....
Montreal Herald, Quebec Mercury
Booklets and Pamphlets
The Fight in the Beechwoods, One Hundred Years Ago

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A few notes about these works:

  • Older books may contain ideas that are no longer politically correct. Generally, these have left as-is, unless they are both highly offensive and irrelevant to the War of 1812. Note that the views presented in these works represent the views of the original authors only, and not those of the maintainers of this site.
  • Text has been formatted in a similar manner as it is found in the original book, although not exactly the same (e.g. no effort has been made to make the lines of text the same as in the original text).
  • Hyphenation has generally not been preserved; however, if the quality of the original is poor and it is impossible to determine whether a certain word is spelled correctly or not, it has been assumed that the word is spelled correctly.
  • In general, typographical errors and obsolete spellings have been left as-is.
  • Images and footnotes may be found in different locations than in the source text (leaving them in the exact same position may disrupt readability, particularly if the page ends in a hyphenated word).